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Trev's family page, where we can introduce you to some of his U.K. connections.

Trev's cousin Yvonne....see picture on this currently scanning some more photos..these will be added within the next couple of weeks we hope.

Trev is also working on a Family History website with family tree etc.....a link will be placed here once that is constructed.

Trev's daughter Nikki


Sorry for the poor quality in this piccie. This is Trev and his Son, Steve, taking part in a Scout March for St. George's Day in 1981.

Trev's Grandma and Grandad Evans

Trev's oldest grand-daughter, Leigh, and her Millenium Photo, Nikki's Daughter


Trev's Auntie Mary, who is now the only remaining "blood" relative of that generation, and right, his beloved late Mum.

Trev's cousin Elaine with her hubby George

Trev's cousin Ian who lives in Zimbarbwe with his wife Naledi

We now have many of Trev's Photos added to the page....please browse through them at your leisure.

You will notice there are few photos of Trev's Dad's family, this is because Trev is the only child, of an only child, and therefore there are few relatives on his paternal side of the family.

Trev is keeping his fingers crossed that his Son, Steve, will be able to continue the family name...Steve and Claire already have a beautiful baby girl, Beth Mae, born November 2nd, 2005 so only time will tell if the family name is continued to another generation.

Trev's Late Mum and Dad, Norah and Stanley Evans

Trev's Mum and Dad's Wedding ...August 12th 1948

Trev's maternal grandmother, Grandma Stocks

Photo taken c.1950....guess who?


Above Centre, Trev's cousin Yvonne, usually just called Cuz, and to the right her late Hubby Les, to the left her Daughter, Debbie. Yvonne (and Les until his untimely death) very much like sister/brother to Trev.

Trev's cousin Yvonne (Cuz), Auntie Joan and cousin Anita (Neet)

Trev's cousin Shiela with another cousin's wife, Margaret

Auntie Joan (Centre) with two of her grandchildren, Yvonne's daughter, Debbie and son, Mick

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